Such a Simple Thing

Our cover of  “Such A Simple Thing”.

Ray LaMontagne is probably my favourite singer. I feel a bit presumptuous trying to cover one of his songs but he makes me raise my singing game and if I only get a small percentage of the way towards one of the best, I’ll be happy enough.

This is one of my best vocals so far I think..

For No One

For anyone who’s experienced a romantic breakup or two and the odd transitions from strangers to deep connection to strangers again, which is probably us all.. The Beatles, “For No One”:

Men Cry Too

Men Cry Too

The last 4 years in particular, if not most of my life, have been pretty up, down and emotional. I’ve hurt people and got hurt myself and ended up in some pretty dark places as a result of both. Lots of people including my kids have seen me at my best and worst recently. No filters. No gloss. I’m an emotional, sensitive man who’s still trying to figure out life and my place in the world and I still get overwhelmed regularly by it..

I wrote this song last month to try and encapsulate the above. I get pretty emotional every time I sing it including in the video but that’s just because it’s intensely personal to me. The intended message for others is that it’s OK to be vulnerable, emotional and human if you’re male. It’s getting a bit easier to be human as men but there’s still a bit of a stigma so just trying to do my bit. I personally have had no issues crying in public and reaching out for help the last few years. Fuck it..

For more about vulnerability I’d highly recommend Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly“.

Thanks to Karl for his contribution in the recording.

I hope you like the song.

Listen on Spotify HERE

Video below: